Discouraged? Distressed? Need Spiritual Awakening?

There's a prayer for that!

In this Bible Study you will find 30 prayers taken directly from Scripture. This study will not just give you Bible Verses to apply to your situation, but it will equip you with complete prayers found in God's Word. 

A few prayers found in this Bible Study are:

  • ~ A Prayer for a Settled Soul
    ~ A Prayer for Guid
    ~ A Prayer for Christ-like Love
    ~ A Prayer for Help
    ~ A Prayer to Succeed in the Lord
    ~ A Prayer for Favor
    ~ A Prayer when Seeking God
    ~ A Prayer for Spiritual Awakening
    ~ A Prayer for A Pure Life
    ~ A Prayer when Distressed
    ...and 20 more!

What to Expect from the Prayers in Scripture Bible Study:

~ 64 page Printable Workbook

  • ~ 30 days of Prayers from Scripture
  • ~ Deep, personal encounters with Christ as you work through the REST Bible Study Method
  • ~ Each day will take 15 – 30 minutes depending on how long you prefer to rest with the Father
  • ~ Renewed (or an all new!) conversation & connection with God
  • …and whatever else the Lord wants to teach you!