Scripture Prayer Cards to Pray Over Children

I remember my mother’s prayers

and they have always followed me.

They have clung to me all my life.

  ~Abraham Lincoln

This quote pretty much sums up the powerful influence a mother can have even into her child’s adult life.

Making sure my influence over my children’s lives is a prayerful one is my highest “mom goal”.

You see, we are warriors for our child’s soul disguised in human forms that cry a lot, lose it a lot, worry a lot and stress out a lot.

Yet when our knees hit the floorboards in prayer for our child, we become a shield toting, sword wielding, armor bearing warrior. And there is nothing that provides more protection and influence in our child’s life than when we stick to the battle plan of prayer.

Over my few years of being a mom I have developed a habit of praying Scripture over my children. I have nothing new to say to God, but I find it a powerful practice to read His word back to Him in prayer, asking for my children the blessings and gifts I see in His book.

What is even more beautiful is how prayer nourishes and strengthens my own soul in this wild ride of motherhood. 

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Through prayer the Father invites me to partake of His love, gently soothes my weary heart, reorganizes my overwhelmed mind, and re-centers me on the foundation that remains faithful and true – His Son.

I don’t know what parenting struggle you are facing today, but I do know the answer is prayer because it opens up communication with the One and Only Way. 

Maybe you’re struggling with mommy anger. Take it to Jesus. (You can also take this “Freedom from Mommy Anger” course.)

Maybe you are struggling with physical strength. Take it to the Father. (You can also take a nap!)

Maybe your heart is deeply burdened for your child or you feel like there is little hope. Talk to your Father. (Go read a bunch of Psalms, too.)

Dump out your every care regarding your child. You were never meant to parent this child alone and in your own strength.

You are, however, meant to bring your weaknesses to the feet of Jesus where He can use them to shine His glory and power through you. 

You are a mighty Warrior Mom.

So take your mighty warrior stance; get on your knees, fold your hands in prayer, lift your face to the sky, or bow your head in silence. 

However you do prayer, just make sure you do it. 

And do it often.


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  1. Dawn says:

    Thank you for creating and sharing these beautiful cards. I printed them off and put them in my Bible. It’s a great privilege to pray for our children.

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