Christian Blogger Bootcamp

Are you a Christian blogger? Me too.

Are you a little overwhelmed sometimes? Me too.

Sometimes I wonder why I ever started blogging. Why did God place this on my heart? Why do I even continue when what I write doesn’t seem to reach anyone? Isn’t that the purpose? To reach people for Him? So, why isn’t it happening? And how can I do that….better?

As a Christian I’m called to reach others for Christ. Online ministry is a huge opportunity. Blogs like yours and mine are vital ways to reach people for Him.

My friend, I have felt that “lost” feeling in blogging. I have thought all the “What’s the point?” thoughts and the “I want to throw my writings into file 13 and never write another word in my life.” thoughts. I have cried ugly tears, prayed fervent prayers and collapsed into bed exhausted.

But I’ve also experienced the joy blogging can bring. I have experienced a holy fire in my bones and chills up my spine on a hot day in August that were none other than pure joy in the Lord at what I was doing for Him through my little no-name blog.

So have you, and that’s why you are still pounding out words in His name. Right?

That’s also why I’m so excited to bring to you the first ever blogging course just for Christians like you and me.



My friend Arabah Joy has put together a 6 week blogging course that will return you to the heart of why you blog using principles from 1 John.

She has put this together with the heart of a Titus 2 woman, who wants to teach other women the value of blogging and how to do it effectively. Not just so you can become famous or get a huge following. Actually she never promises that in the course. There’s a verse in II Timothy 2 that says, “Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others.”

And that is exactly what she has done. She has put together a course that you will be able to use to help you pass on biblical truths through your blog.

Christian Blogger Bootcamp’s six lessons are as follows.
1. Clarifying your ‘WHY”.

This is so important. Getting a clear visual of your blog’s purpose will help you maintain a clear head when you attempt to write.

2. Finding and Creating Your Best Content

Look, you already have great stuff on your blog. God gave you those messages and they aren’t meant to be filed in the archives and forgotten. In this lesson you will learn how to identify your best posts, how to make them better, and be inspired to create even more great posts. These are your “Lamps”.

3. Being Savory in a World of Instant Gratification.

In this lesson you will learn how to add tweaks to your posts so that they are more easily consumed, but never compromising your message. This will simply build on your writing style. This will make your “Lamp” shine.

4. Image Creation and Visuals

No doubt you’ve heard that images will make or break your blog, no matter how good your content. In this lesson you will learn how to make images that catch peoples eye and create an interest. This will make your “Lamp” more inviting.

5. Setting your Lamp on it’s lamp stand Prat one- A Plan for Pinterest.

Here you will learn strategies for Pinterest. There is no doubt that Pinterest is a pivotal way to reach people. If you are on Pinterest, it’s probably your number one referrer. This will help you be more strategic in the way you use Pinterest.

6. Setting your Lamp on it’s lamp stand- Part 2 – A Plan for FaceBook.

Again, FaceBook can be a huge impact on the amount of people you reach.

So when does it start? JUNE 1, 2015
What is the cost? ONLY $49.00 

Yes. You read that right. $49.00!!! Cost will jump to $69.00 in the fall. So act now!!!

I would love to have you do this course with me. Growing together is so much more fun. I have no intent of getting famous or getting a large following, HOWEVER, I do want to make a greater impact for the Lord by improving my little space on the web.

If that’s you too, then join me in doing this course! Click the image and lets grow together!


This is an affiliate program that will help me continue offering you quality resources.