1 Corinthians 13 for Parents

As I looked at my family sitting in the church sanctuary, I knew apologies were in order.

It had been a rough Sunday morning. A number of meltdowns had gotten the best of us and I had been impatient and unkind.

As I thought back over the two hours before we were sitting there I was saddened by my behavior.

1 Corinthians 13 for Parents fb

Its amazing how a Sunday morning can lower a mom’s tolerance levels.

We get mini-me’s stuffed into matching outfits,

hair tucked, tugged and sprayed into place,

faces scrubbed,

shoes polished,

and orders barked out a mile before church:

Mind your manners!

Don’t pinch your sister!

Don’t give everyone your life story when they ask how you are!

Don’t holler out your sister’s latest transgression, either. You have the right to remain silent about that!

Smile nice!

Be a blessing!

Do you understand?

Then somehow at the doors of the church we transform into the sweet loving parent who says please and thank you, would seemingly never tell her child they “have the right too remain silent” about something, because now she cheerfully deems her child “sweetie”, as she herds everyone into the sanctuary.

Anyone? Is this real for anyone else?

Follow me over to Satisfaction Through Christ Blog, where I am sharing the complete story and how 1 Corinthians 13 for parents is a call to live out love.

1 Corinthians 13 for Parents



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  1. karlene says:

    think we all are like that more than less. I’m often short with my children and caught up in the frail state of childhood trivia. Many times once things are done and said I often wonder ,who the child is? Yet God so lovingly reminds me that he is the Father and I am His child who is still learning and stumbling just like my earthly children. When I feel like giving up, and I’ve been there ready to wash my hands clean, (as if I could), from motherhood. There’s that still sweet voice letting me know that He with me and for me. So I remain with and for my children also. Usually always it bring me to tears “how could I even go there”? Yet life and it trails have a way of bring us there. The key (Jesus the way), is not to remain locked into the thoughts and plans of the enemy but to renew our minds in the Word and trust always regardless in GOD!
    Thank you for the post it was exactly what I needed today. It allowed me to hear that still voice that speaks always to my heart so lovingly. My God, My God I give it all to you!!!

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