For When You Are Exhausted {PLUS Free Printable}


I overslept a whole hour.

So, in an effort to make up for lost time, I skipped breakfast and coffee and headed out for my morning run.

Half a mile later I could push no further. I was dizzy, feeling faint and wobbly-kneed.

Of course I didn’t have any water either, because a pit stop at the fridge to grab a bottle just took too much time, don’t you know.

I had let my irritated rush keep me from the essential refueling I needed to get before my daily run.

Bible verses for when you are Exhausted PLUS Free Printable!

Sadly, I do that in a spiritual sense, as well.

I decide I might not need a dose of the Lord’s heart this one time; I am strong enough to go this day without a refueling in Him.

But before long I begin to feel frustrated. Irritation toward people around me sets in. A bad attitude takes over, harsh words get spoken, hearts get pained, peace and joy are disturbed.

Then, I’m brought back to the realization that I need some of that rest that restores. I need some of that life that replenishes and rejuvenates.

I need a divine pit stop.

And like a good shepherd, the great feeder of our souls invites us to steal away with Him to a quiet place where He can pour His life into our hearts.

Follow me over to Satisfaction Through Christ blog where I am sharing Bible verses that have encouraged my heart when I am exhausted. Click the image! 

Verses for When you are Exhausted

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What God saays when you are Exhausted printable

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  1. Sowjanya says:

    Very true we need a divine Pit stop. You put it very emphatically and I could relate it to my situation. God bless you for ur wonderful and keepsake posts.

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