Don’t Let Your Harvest be Nothing {Grace & Truth 28}

We are down to the last day of July 2015. Wow, that went fast!

Summer is mostly done and I still feel like I just packed up the Christmas tree.

Have I spent the days of 2015 wisely? How have I impacted my family, my friends and community? Do they know by my life that I love Jesus?

What would I do different if I were given the days back?

Asking myself those questions helps me know how I want to spend my days in the future.

Today, I choose to live... when it all gets so confusing.

I want to be prompt in obedience to the Lord. I want to be wise and gracious in the words I speak. I want to… well I want to do and be a lot of things for the greater good of His Kingdom.

But here’s the thing, if I’m not proactive about it, I will never impact His kingdom.

I can think one thing, but if I don’t DO it, what good does the thought do?

I can want to do good, but if I don’t DO it, what good does it do?

I can say I’ll do it tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. We only have today.

And we must live in it.

Deb Wolf mentioned a quote in her blog post “Today – Tomorrow, It can be so confusing, that got me taking a good hard look at how intentional I am about living and serving in the present.

Here is the quote-

“If and When were planted and Nothing grew.”

Take a moment and think on that. We can’t expect anything to change when we don’t do anything about it.

We can’t expect God to do great things through us when we have a sluggish heart.

We will only harvest Nothing when we live with the mindset and actions that go with words like “if” and “when”.

I have done my share if “if-ing” and “when-ing”.

I have “Nothing” to show for it.

So, what are you going to do today that shouldn’t be put off until tomorrow?

Maybe you’re the one who says, I’ll start a healthier diet tomorrow. How long have you had that thought and what do you have to show for it?

Or, maybe you’re the one who thinks, I’ll start reading my Bible regularly tomorrow. How long have you had that thought and what do you have to show for it?

Maybe you are the one who is feeling God call you to something and you tell Him – I might be able to do that… tomorrow.

My guess is you’re still harvesting “Nothing” because you planted procrastination and complacency.

I know what I’m talking about- I’ve done all of the above and much more.

Friends, you and I can’t afford to put off for tomorrow what God is calling us to do today.

We are down to the last 12 hours of the Fall 2015 enrollment for Christian Bloggers Bootcamp.

I have held conversations with many of you who have said you’d love to start a blog when life slows down. Life never slows down.

Some say I feel God calling me to blog for Him but I don’t know if I could write good enough, or if anyone would read it, or if I could possibly commit.

How will we know or experience what He wants to work through us when we aren’t brave enough to rely on His strength and wisdom to carry us right through the unforeseen future.

We plant so many seeds of “If” and “When”. There is a guaranteed harvest for that- NOTHING.

So today, if you are a blogger, or an “I feel God calling me to blog” blogger, you have this one more day to to take advantage of the Fall 2015 Christian Blogger Bootcamp enrollment specials:

  • 10% OFF using my promo code: KLY10 (you can read my stats and review of the course here)
  • A free blog planner.
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  • Free “Blog at Home” ebook from Christin Slade, a well known blogger who knows the ropes!

It’s time to plant in faith what God wants to harvest though us. Click the “Join Us” button. See you on the other side!


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  1. Dawn says:

    What a quote to ponder, today….” If and When were planted…Nothing grew”. Seriously…I will be thinking about that one for a bit.

    Thanks for sharing a resource that can be a benefit for others.
    Bless you, Kaylene!

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