30 Days of Love from a Mother’s Heart

These 30 awesome articles on raising girls are sure to encourage and motivate you to be the best parent you can be to your daughter!

30 Awesome Articles on Raising Girls

1 ~ Things I want my Daughter to Know Before She Becomes a Wife ~ Kaylene Yoder

2 ~ A Letter to the Daughter I Never Had ~ Heather Baker from http://myoverflowingcup.com

3 ~ A Contrite Spirit and an Unburdened Soul ~ Ren http://alookatthebook.blogspot.com/

4 ~ To My Daughter – It’s OK ~ Sharita from http://www.7daystime.com/

5 ~ Pointing Our Daughters to the One Who will Never Fail ~ Dawn from http://www.dawnklinge.com

6 ~ 11 Tips on Raising a Confident Daughter ~ Starla from http://starlajimenez.com

7 ~ My Daughters, My Friends ~ Aimee from http://aimeeimbeau.com/

8 ~ Teachable Moments in High Emotions ~ Holly from http://thebrowntribe.net/

9 ~ Dear Mothers of Strong-Willed Daughters ~ Lynnae from http://lynnaemccoy.com/

10 ~ Raising a Passionate Daughter ~ Jennifer from http://adivineencounter.com/

11 ~ 10 Things Every Daughter Needs to Know ~ Misty from http://www.mistyleask.com/

12 ~ Life Lessons from a Special Needs Daughter ~ Sarah Ann from http://faithalongtheway.com

13 ~ Six Ways to Raise a Biblically Strong Woman ~ Michelle from http://michellelesleybooks.comm/

14 ~ Why I’m Her Biggest Fan ~ Rebekah from http://rebekahmhallberg.com

15 ~ What I want to Teach My Daughter About Being a Girl ~ Alicia from http://vibranthomeschooling.com

16 ~ When I Can’t, God Can ~ Erin from http://itallmattersmom.com

17 ~ The Teen Years – Holding on to the Wonder ~ Betsy from http://faithspillingover.com

18 ~ Dear Daughter, What You Really Need to Know About Beauty ~ Arabah from http://arabahjoy.com

19 ~ Beauty Queen or Brainiac? ~ Jen from http://www.beingconfidentofthis.com/

20 ~ A Note to My Daughter-in-Love ~ Jenn from http://busybeingblessed.net

21 ~ Raising Confident Daughters ~ Tarissa from http://www.introvertedmama.com/

22 ~ Helping Little Girls Manage Big Emotions ~ MaryEllen from http://www.imperfecthomemaker.com

23 ~ Square Pegs and Pigtails ~ Jules from http://momonthefly.com

24 ~ Planting Seeds and Harvesting Love ~ Wendy from http://www.wendywoerner.com

25 ~ My Daughter, My Sister, My Friend ~ Shonya from http://learninghowmuchidontknow.blogspot.com/

26 ~ Oh, God, Help Me ~ Nanette from https://nanettelovemoran.wordpress.com/

27 ~ Season of Our Lives ~ Kate from http://teachingwhatisgood.com

28 ~ Mom, You’re Beautiful ~ Cassandra from http://www.raisingupstones.com/

29 ~ Planting Seeds of Grace ~ Dawn from http://www.journeysingrace.com/

30 ~ What Kind of Princess am I Raising? ~ 6 tips to Raising a Godly Princess ~ Valerie from http://thebloggingpastorswife.com



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  1. Betsy de Cruz says:

    This looks great, Kaylene. I look forward to reading the other women’s posts to see what they have to say. Thanks for organizing this. It’s such a good idea. Your graphic is pretty too. 🙂

  2. Rachelle says:

    Kaylene, this is a GREAT compilation of wisdom for us to use as we raise our daughters -the future leaders of our world! I’m so looking forward to seeing what continues to roll out on the Raising Boys series!!! It’s been fun!!!

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