30 Prayers in Scripture {a REST Method Bible Study}

Recently, I became intrigued with all the many ways God’s Word gives us to pray.

When I was down and out over the world, I found a prayer for renewed joy. 

When I was feeling overwhelmed, God led me to a prayer for divine help.

When I was worked up over something, He brought me to a prayer for a distressed mind.

And then on a crabby day, He showed me a prayer for more Christ-like love.

And so it went, until I had a stockpile of prayers straight from Scripture. All I do is use the passages as guidelines to pray and I end up feeling the Lord’s comfort surround me once more. I’d like to share my favorites with you!

We put together a 30-day study that will give you words and inspiration to pray in ways you might never have thought of before.

The 64-page Prayers in Scripture Journal goes through 30 prayers found in God’s Word to help you pray for yourself, your family, or friends.

Following the REST Bible Study Method you will be taken through a powerful devotion and prayer time. This unique Bible Study Method is a simple 4 step  process that will have you engaged in God’s Word through reading, Scripture writing, meditating, praying, writing out your prayers and thoughts (opt), and then taking action on what you heard the Lord speak to you.

The REST Method is short in human words with the intent being to send you straight and deep into the Bible where you will find the healing and hope you long for.


A few prayers found in the 30 Prayers in Scripture Journal are

  • A Prayer for a Settled Soul
  • A Prayer for Guidance
  • A Prayer for Christ-like Love
  • A Prayer for Help
  • A Prayer to Succeed in the Lord
  • A Prayer for Favor
  • A Prayer when Seeking God
  • A Prayer for Spiritual Awakening
  • A Prayer for A Pure Life
  • A Prayer when Distressed
  • …and 20 more!


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