Free 7-Day Fasting & Prayer Guide!

In this 7-Day Fasting and Prayer Guide you will learn how to pray for your husband and your marriage, as well as learn the many different ways to fast. (The fasting guide is optional and fully customizable to your health needs.)

Each day you will receive an email with:

  1. A specific prayer to pray over your husband or marriage
  2. A Fasting Challenge
  3. A Scripture Writing Prompt
  4. A Devotional Reading suggestion
  5. A little note from me (because I’ve been where you are & wished I had someone to talk to)

My greatest prayer for this Free 7-Day Fasting and Prayer Guide is that it you will find hope and healing in Jesus, the Restorer of Broken Walls, the Nourisher of our souls, our ultimate Source of satisfaction.

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(Disclaimer 1: By joining “A Wife’s 7-Day Fasting & Prayer Guide” you will receive immediate access to our Monday site-wide email which has a “Monday Freebies” section, as well as other useful broadcasts.)

(Disclaimer 2: In no way will this e-course change or fix your husband. If that is your goal, this e-course is not for you. If, however, you desire to lift your husband to the Lord so he (your husband) may be molded into whom God desires him to be, then proceed boldly.)

*Please consult your health care provider before fasting.

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  1. Janna Stoker says:

    Very nice witness Kaylene! God Bless You! God is Love, and Jesus showed that Love here on earth. We are to be more Christ like in that Love. Thank you for this devotional, lesson. Keep them coming!

  2. Cathy R. says:

    Thank you for the 2 free ebooks and for the 40 prayers to pray over our husbands. These are truly a God send!!!!

    • Kaylene Yoder says:

      Rene, thank you for your inquiry! Yes, this e-course is designed with restoration being the end goal. We cannot promise this e-course will bring immediate healing, but it will definitely draw you much closer to the One who does the restoring. Praying for you, friend. May you feel the Father’s peace as you go throughout your day.

  3. Tina Plecker says:

    I was one those woman that you described in your post this morning, Praise God, I saw the light,and I’m still seeing the light. Thank you for being so obedient to God.. be encouraged today you are that Light God called you to be.
    Kaylene, you have a very blessed day, remember to Praise Him in the storm…

  4. Heather Mulawa says:

    Dear Kaylene,

    I am the wife of an unbelieving spouse. We have separated recently. I am praying fervently for my husband and our marriage. Do you believe your prayer and fasting course would be suitable to my current situation?

    • Kaylene Yoder says:

      Hello Heather. I am so sorry for the trial and heartbreak you are going through right now. To answer your question whether this fasting and prayer course is suitable for your situation – yes. Will it fix your marriage? No. I can make no such claims. I can however, trust that the Lord will speak to you and strengthen you as you walk hand in hand with Him, drawing closer to Him through prayer and fasting.

      I pray you will find relief and rest even amid this storm you are facing. May our Heavenly Father’s peace flood your heart, mind and soul today.

  5. Alinda says:

    Thank you Kaylene, thank you for allowing God to use you in a mighty way, I’m looking forward to this prayer and fasting course, I’m really excited. Thank you

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