The Day I Flooded my House {Grace & Truth 29}

Do you ever feel like all you get done in a day is clean up messes?

Me too!

But you know, when we really look at the bigger picture, there is so much more to all the cleaning and monotony of the tasks motherhood holds for us.

As moms we have a ministry right in our homes. We don’t see it that way a lot of the time, because it gets tiring to have little ones jumping and clambering for our attention, love, and approval.

How we handle a stressful situation like a major mess will minister to them for the rest of their lives.

Let me tell you a story- 

I was cleaning the bathroom. I had dumped a bottle of drain opener down the sink and was filling the sink to flush it, when all three kids started screaming that all 30+ cows were out.

I raced out the front door just in time to see a big Holstein mama cow eat the top of my prized roses bush.

Note: I forgot the running water in the bathroom sink.

The kids were glued to the windows for the upstairs windows for the next half hour watching me dash around like a mad woman getting the cows out of my gardens and flower beds.

As I closed the gate after the last cow, I realized the water was still running.

Mad dash to the house!!!

Followed by wading through 1/2 inch deep water from the front door to the bathroom.

There was water everywhere. And I was very upset.

But I had little eyes watching. Of course they thought it was fun, helping soak up all the water with towels and mops, finding long lost treasures under appliances that hadn’t been moved or cleaned under in a while.

I was not so impressed. But my take away from that day, was much like Abi describes in her blog post about the day she found herself in the middle of a yet another mess. Her’s was salsa.

Take a moment to read Abi’s story, then soak up the lesson she shares. You’ll be glad you did! Click the image!

There IS more to motherhood than cleaning up messes! Every mess is an opportunity to reveal the fruit of the spirit to your family. Embrace the opportunity.

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Kaylene Yoder
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  1. Abi @ Joy In My Kitchen says:

    Oh my goodness, Kaylene! Having grown up on a dairy farm, I’ve done my share of chasing cows out of where they don’t belong. I can just imagine doing that and then returning to flooded house. May God continue to display His fruit in us no matter what crazy situations we find ourselves in.

  2. Natalie @ VictoriouslyMe says:

    I can actually feel like I’m in your home watching this all unfold. Those days when everything seems to go wrong really do test us. I applaud you for keeping your cool around the little ones. I probably would have been sopping up water and tears. Great post!

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