The Ministry of a Praying Woman

As I collapsed into bed, after making my rounds of bedtime conversations, hugs and prayer, I breathed, “Lord please just make them turn out alright. I feel like I’m just barely covering the bases.”

It had been another long hard day of parenting, wife-ing, and trying to be the heart of my home well.

The Ministry of a Praying Woman

It bothered me how my prayers seemed more desperate, shorter and surface deep, than what I knew they should be.

As my days raced by faster and faster, I felt like I was bringing up the rear end of a herd of turtles racing uphill through the sand. The harder I tried the behinder I got, as the saying goes.

And sadly, my prayers got fewer and fewer.

Sure, throughout the day I lift short three to five word prayers,

Lord, I need patience now!”

Father, give me grace.”

Jesus, protect them.”

Jesus, heal my child.”

But, while our Father hears both the prayer on the fly and the prayer on our knees, prayer isn’t meant to be something we do only when we are desperate or weary.

Prayer needs to be a priority. It’s a ministry, really. One that no woman can afford to overlook.


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It’s time to get on those prayer bones and build a wall. Click the image to go read.



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