From one Praying American to Another

Ya’ll, I’m an American girl. Star & stripes, land of the free, in God we trust, one nation under God, Pledge of Allegiance recitin’, prayin’ like I mean it kind of girl.

I will fight for liberty and justice for all with as much passion as I will get on my knees and fight for our revival.

But ya’ll I’m disturbed.

I would love to tell it to you in nice flowery words, but I just don’t have it in me right now.

These words are for anyone who identifies as a member in the body of Christ. (You might not agree with me, but if we could lay our differences aside for 2 seconds, maybe we could see eye to eye on this one thing.)


Friend, I don’t know, or even much care, where you stand in this election but the massive tension and angry rift that has divided our communities and pews classifies as unacceptable behavior.

We should be better than this, you know? We should have grown wiser by now. We should be able to pinpoint the enemies schemes better than this, don’t you think?

But here we are, casting around blame and accusations against anyone who doesn’t see things the way we do. We go to church and act congenial, then rip our neighbor on Facebook. We politely shake hands in public, then spread discord to the far end of the inter-webs from our recliners.

We plaster our feelings, our opinions, and nasty jibes all over so they can drip and ooze into the hearts of whoever reads them.

AND… get a load of this… We claim to be praying people.

….. Really?

Cuz how does that work? If we really are the praying people we claim to be, then why can’t we unite on that one thing?

Why isn’t each individual in the Church picking up this weapon given to us in Ephesians 5:18 and wielding it for God’s will be done?

Personally, I’m not interested in whether you are pro-Hillary, pro-Trump, pro-Democrat, pro-Republican, pro-third party, pro-green, pro-pink, purple, blue…pro-whatever color, if you aren’t pro-prayer the enemy wins no matter whose rear end warms the seat in the oval office.

If we as the Church aren’t able to put our massive differences aside and stand faithful in prayer then we have become like babes who are too easily swayed by the winds of whatever doctrine gets thrown our way.

And guess who else knows it… guess who is banking on our lack of diligence in prayer.

The enemy. There’s this thing called spiritual warfare and the enemy has his chips laid out against our willingness to pick up the one weapon that can defeat him.

And I gotta hand it to him – he’s done a fine job at  chipping our blades of prayer. He has successfully enticed us to lay down our praying habits because they are “too heavy” to tote around in our fluffy culture. He has slowly but surely whittled away at our belief and has dulled our weapon to the point we wonder if prayer really is all that effective.

The enemy of our soul, our faith, our homes, our God and the biblical principles America was founded upon knows this one thing…

…get them to lay down their weapon and they will surely fall upon it.

He’s banking on it. Are you going to stand for it?

I say we pick up prayer again. I say we hoist up our faith britches and we take a good solid stand on the Foundation that will. not. fall. Then! we need to raise a mighty noise and storm the gates of heaven with our dull, chipped at, awkward attempts of prayer, and petition our God for His faithfulness toward us.

Not because we are righteous or because we have the ability to fork out a beautifully, fluent prayer, but because we know the One who hears that prayer has the power to defeat the one who is trying hinder that prayer.

Church, our futile condition of prayerless-ness is bound to be the demise of our hearts, our homes, our churches, and our great land – the one we call America, the Beautiful, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, One nation under God, Crowned in Brotherhood, My home sweet Home.

A life without prayer leads to a land without victory. What battle tactics are you choosing today?

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