Unfruitful Fig Trees and how Christians Relate

As I checked my kiwi vines for any sign of fruit for the third year in a row, I was very disappointed.

I have mulched, fertilized, trimmed and trained these plants for many years. The vines are healthy, the leaves a rich green, a beautiful sight, indeed.

Yet, there is no fruit.

As I huffed and sighed and frowned at the beautiful vines, I recalled a certain fig tree that was planted in a vineyard and how it didn’t bear any fruit for three years, either.

When owner of the vineyard checked his fig tree, and found no fruit, he most likely huffed and sighed at it, too.

So he told the gardener to cut it down.

The gardener must have appreciated the fig tree, even though it didn’t bear any fruit. So, he begged on behalf of the tree.

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fig tree