A Wife Driven to Desperation ~ Contribution to 31 Days to a Better Marriage

This post, in its entirety, is shared at Managing Your Blessings, where Carlie is hosting 31 Days to a Better Marriage challenge. 
This one was tough to write, because I have been that wife driven to desperation. Desperate for better, desperate for healing, discouraged, depressed, angry and bitter, ready to run. By God’s mercy and grace I found myself driven to His feet, where He ministered to me lovingly and gently. Many times I didn’t like who or what He wanted to change, but allowing Him to do so has been life changing for me and life breathing to my marriage.
Here is an excerpt. Be sure to click through to read ways found in God’s word for a wife to grow and flourish in her role.
Many wives are dissatisfied, discouraged, angry, depressed, lost . . . searching, simply waiting out their existence. Misled and desperate.
Desperate for change, fulfillment, love . . . something.
So they turn to things. Another man. An addiction. A secret life. A pit.
A deep, dark, desperate pit.
Are you in that pit? All alone? Ready for change, but still going back to it because that’s where you’re safe? Because hoping for change is harder than pretending it can’t happen? Because protecting your heart is less painful than opening it enough for healing to happen?
31 Days to a Better Marriage
Click here read the rest of this article at Managing Your Blessings, where Carlie is hosting 31 Days to a Better Marriage challenge. There you will find  many other encouraging articles for wives in need of encouragement. 
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  1. Bonnie Way says:

    This sounds like me earlier this year… so thanks for sharing! I'm heading over to read the whole thing (I found you on the Salt & Light linky).

  2. JES says:

    Thanks for sharing this encouragement on the Art of Home-Making Mondays. I know there are a lot of hurting wives out there…

  3. Leslie says:

    Powerful and encouraging. Marriage is so much work–two sinners saying , "I do" and trying to live for His glory is tough. We definitely need Him and His grace. Thanks for sharing with What You Wish Wednesday.

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