Wisdom for Wives

Formerly known as “Becoming a Better Wife”, this revised and updated “Wisdom for Wives” Bible Study has served many women well.

While the material and teachings hold the same core values, the experience has been streamlined, the workbook updated and little edits made here and there.

What to expect from the 7-Lesson “Wisdom for Wives” Bible study:

  1. Online reading material
  2. Printable Workbook Intensive (42 page in-depth study)

The Workbook Intensive offers:

  • Extensive insights that compliment the online lesson material
  • Scripture Writing
  • Scripture Prayers
  • Reflection Questions
  • Personal Journaling spaces
  • Optional Fast suggestions & more

Each lesson’s reading material and Workbook Intensive provides 15-20 minutes of study and reflection time. And wisdom, insight, and encouragement that will follow you for a lifetime.

There are no live classes to attend.

You have access to all the material upon enrollment, enabling you to advance through this Bible Study at your own pace.


“After doing the first lesson, I had to stop myself from racing on to lesson two, because I wanted to take time to grasp and mull over all that lesson one held! Well worth the $14.00!” ~ Karen

“THIS…IS…FANTASTIC. All of it. Just wow! I have purchased other courses and studies and was very disappointed in the quality. But this! This is the best online Bible study I have purchased. Thank you for the light you are shining for so many wives.” ~ Mrs. B

“Thank you so much for taking the time to provide this study. I wish I had something like this when I first got married. So much of our marriage would have made sense. Possibly a lot of pain avoided, even. I am sharing with the ladies in my small group.” ~ Dorothy

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