Four Ways to Build Your Home Well

Often heard when speaking of a wife’s role, Proverbs 14:1 simply states, “A wise woman builds her house, but with her hands the foolish one tears hers down.”

Now, while a woman could literally build her house, that is not what this verse is talking about. The building of the house a woman does is in the hearts of those who occupy its rooms, turning that mound of cold sticks and tacks into a warm, welcoming home

4 Ways to Build Your Home Well

The lady of the household builds it strong, ready to weather any storm of life by nourishing those hearts with love, kindness, orderliness, discernment, beauty, warmth, harmony, unity, joy and acceptance.

She’s the one who watches day and night that her loved ones are fed, comfortable, clothed, lavished with love, spoken kindly to, taught right from wrong and helps resolve conflicts peacefully.

She’s the one who teaches them to laugh, sing and play together. She goes from room to room constantly tending to the affairs of her household, making sure everything runs smoothly and harmoniously.

She’s helper, healer, gluer, lifter, pillar, rock, nourisher, soother, peacemaker, organizer, teacher, encourager…exhausted?!!! Yes!

Praise the Lord we have a divine blueprint spelled out in God’s word to help us set the moral and spiritual climate of our homes.  

Here are four ways to build your home wisely:

1. Build your home spiritually by demonstrating godly character day in and day out. Be an example of Christ to your husband and and children.

2. Build your home economically with smart tactics, that will save both time and money. Being efficient with your resources will profit the whole home.

3. Build your home with the Lord. Go to God’s divine blueprint when the boards, nails and foundations for your home get shaken. Ask the Lord for wisdom hard things of life. Find strength through Him in the trials. Seek His comfort when life breaks your heart. And for encouragement when you get weary. Do it all with the Lord.

4. Build your home for the Lord. Even when all others around you don’t. Even when others scorn her. Even when the world says you’re weak because you do it God’s way. Even when God’s way is hardest, build your home for the Lord.


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