Dear Mom, Feeling Less than Qualified

So we are moms…

and it has us baffled more days than it doesn’t.
We have these compulsions to run away. Then in terror we scramble to make sure the kids are okay.
We think about throwing a fit right along with the 2 year old. Then look around to see if anyone read our minds.
We want to scream in our pillows…sometimes we do. Then we come up for air and pray no one heard that.

We are sure we are blowing it.
We just know we are scarring them for life.

We wonder if we’ll survive them, and sincerely hope they’ll survive us.


Dear sweet mom, if you feel frustrated, overwhelmed and less than qualified today,…I get it.

But I also get that you are doing a great job.

You put their needs before yours. You love them fiercely and you nourish their hearts.
It doesn’t matter if you are a

stay at home mom, 
a work at home mom, 
a working mom wishing she wasn’t, 
a stay at home mom wishing she was working,
or a working mom planning to keep it that way…

your mothering is legit, as long as you are in accordance to God’s will for your life and family. >>tweet this<<

So when the crazies hit, just remember…
God gave you those kids because He knows those children will help grow you into the woman He wants you to become. Your humility in seeking His will and His ways, far outshine any amount of picture perfect parenting. >>tweet this<<
He gave them you as their mother, knowing you have the appropriate tools for preparing them to become the people He wants them to be, in the walk of life He knows they will take. >> tweet this<<

He qualifies you.

Now go be their mom, in the best way you can, in the way only you can. 

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  1. snowdrops4faith says:

    When my boys were younger, I finally heard God speak to my heart that His grace will always be greater than any shortcoming I have. This was a huge comfort in raising my boys. Not that it got me off the hook for &quot;bad behavior,&quot; but it was a wonderful reminder that God is truly in control. And 20 years later, my boys turned out to be wonderful men! (Of course, I am biased! :))

  2. Jenny Kurtz says:

    Well said friend. 🙂 I&#39;m glad to know I&#39;m not the only mama who feels that way at times!<br /><br />Being a mom is truly a blessing. Some days are hard but the good ones usually outnumber them. If we didn&#39;t have any bad days or struggles then how would we grow? How would our children grow? Relying on the Lord&#39;s strength to get us thru, knowing he&#39;s there makes it so

  3. Shonya says:

    18 years in it&#39;s still a battle! But I was given so much peace when I finally realized that their accomplishments and triumphs are not on me, nor are their failures and struggles on me. It&#39;s not about me! What a concept, hmmm?

  4. Kathleen says:

    You are blessed! You have the most important job in the world. That is, to raise those precious children to know, love and serve the Lord. I believe you are modeling that for them.

  5. Sarah Ann says:

    I absolutely needed this today! My mama&#39;s heart is weary after a long weekend battling Autism and the terrible 2s, and I was so glad to see that someone else has the urge to run away at times! Thanks for saying it out loud! These beautiful words reminded me to hit my knees and trust God in all that&#39;s ahead. It don&#39;t understand what He has planned, but He does. I&#39;m pinning

  6. Stephanie @ Crayon Marks and Tiger Stripes says:

    Wow. Needed to hear that! Yesterday I just beyond done because my 3 year old is going through a defiant stage. He&#39;s testing his limits! Making me crazy. I was telling my husband yesterday that I was concerned I was doing something wrong because he&#39;s being defiant. Of course my hubby reassured me that I am doing exactly what I can and that God entrusts me with this little guy. Thank

  7. Shirley Ann says:

    Kaylene, thanks for the encouragement. Maybe even as little as a year ago, I felt like Paul and I were pretty good parents, that our son was turning out impressively well. (He is nearly four!) But lately, I&#39;ve been really struggling with his obedience and attitude – I know it&#39;s not what I thought I was teaching him to do, but I feel like I must have dropped the ball somewhere. I&#39;ve

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