Five Minute Friday: You Lost Her Heart

Over at the fabulous Lisa hosts a weekly blog party called Five Minute Friday.

The rules are simple:

  1. She decides on a one-word writing prompt. This week it is “LOST”.
  2. Bloggers everywhere set their timers for five minutes.
  3. Our pens fly….can you hear the frantic scritchety-scratch? 
  4. We publish our five-minute masterpiece & share with the world.

Honestly, it took me a little longer than 5 minutes to write this one. It was hard to type through the tears and the feelings and the big old lump in my throat. I didn’t participate a few weeks back, so let’s say I used those 5 minutes today, instead. (smile)

It used to be the newspaper. Now you’ve lost that art and traded it for the smart phone. 
It used to be a hobby. Now you’ve lost your skills to replace it with the TV.
You used to have time. Now you’ve lost it.
Your child notices. She’s begging you to see her now. She’s begging you to come back. 
But you’re lost in your own little world while sitting right beside her. It looks like this…
Your child asks a question. You ignore her. At the very least you grunt. But her “little child” matters aren’t important enough for you to take your eyes off the screen.
You’re losing her.
Your child needs attention. Yours is used up. It’s all directed to the screen. 
You’re losing her.
Your child wants a book read. You say no, I’m busy, with your eyes glued to the screen.
You’re losing her.
Your child wants to play. You say, I’m tired. Your eyes glazed absorbing the screen.
You’re losing her.
Your child keeps begging. All she wants is for you to look at her. You say in irritation, “don’t bother me!”, glued to the screen. 
You’re losing her.
She wiggles too much on your lap. Annoyed, you send her off. 
You’re losing her. 
She cries herself to sleep. She doesn’t know why. She doesn;t understand. She’s frustrated, bewildered, longing, sad, alone…..
She’s lost trust. She’s lost respect. She’s lost empathy. She’s lost love, because you lost her.
She’s grown now.
You ask a question. She ignores or barely grunts. 
She’s lost in her own little world.
You say, “lets do something together.” She says, “I’m too busy to come over. You know how life goes. I’m just too busy.” 
Actually, she’s lost in her own little world.
You’re life’s hours are growing short.You ask her to come sit with you. She gets annoyed. 
She doesn’t have time. She’s got a pressing agenda. But, really, she’s just lost.
You can’t read anymore. Your eyes weary and blurred. You ask for her to read to you. She scoffs and says, “You have eyes. Do it yourself. Besides I have places to be.” 
When, truthfully, she’s lost.
You see her drive by. Wish she’d stop in. But she’s on the phone and can’t even wave. She’s lost in more important things.
Things like, her own little world.
This time it’s your turn to feel frustrated, bewildered, sad and alone.
When really…..
She doesn’t have time, because you taught her how not to.
You rarely see her, because you rarely looked at her when she was a child.
She’s lost.
You put her there.
In her own little world, because you never got out of yours. >>tweet this<<
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  1. Sarah says:

    Visiting from FMF link-up. Wow….such a powerful post!!! Have you seen that YouTube video &quot;Look Up&quot;? It&#39;s a five-minute spoken word over how lost we have become in our technology and how we are missing out on life. Your post reminds me of that video and the importance of paying attention to our loved ones. Great job!!

    • Kaylene Yoder says:

      Hi Sarah! Now that you mention it, yes, I have seen that video! Loved it! I was crying by the time I finished watching it. Saw myself in it way too much. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Boni Lady says:

    As I&#39;m reading, I am saying &quot;OUCH!&quot; I see myself in this post on occasion… just… ouch!<br /><br />Thanks for the reminder!<br /><br />Glad I dropped by from FMF!

  3. Jenny Kurtz says:

    Hello friend, Your post is quite convicting. I myself am that mom more often than I should be. Your post reminds me of a song by Ricky Skaggs &quot;Cat&#39;s in the Cradle&quot;, it&#39;s about a father &amp; son, but the same situation. You can find it on youtube. Hang in there, remember to extend yourself some grace, God does. We all have room for improvement. God continues to shape us

  4. Raquel Chicflair says:

    Oh so good. I don&#39;t have children myself, but do teach our little ones at church and work at a school and it is sad to see how this happens all around us. But it&#39;s not just with children…I&#39;m seeing it happening in with spouses too. Great reminder and challenge for those even without children.

  5. gentlejoy says:

    What an important wake up call for all of us…. life is slipping away… .and sometimes we willingly let it happen. Oh, that we would make every day count…. for Him…. even in the little things. Thank you for posting this. 🙂

  6. Farm School Marm says:

    Fabulous post! Whether it&#39;s the computer screen, or the &quot;important work&quot; that needs done, *nothing* is more important than the eternal souls we&#39;ve been commissioned to raise for God!

  7. LB Present says:

    This is incredible! And so very true, unfortunately. I know I do try to set time aside each day with Baby Boy and no devices. Sometimes that&#39;s difficult, but once the computer is closed, I do my best to keep it closed. The weekends are for family and that means Baby Boy! 🙂

  8. Jill R. says:

    I can tell you really poured your heart into this, thanks so much for the reminders to enjoy our children over our devices!<br /><br /><br />Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!<br />

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