Poem: Birth of Christ

The virgins name was Mary. To her the angel said,
“You are favored, blessed art thou among women.
You’ll bear a son, name the child Jesus.
Emanuel, interpreted, God with us.
He’ll reign forever, His kingdom will never end.”
Mary replied, “Let it happen as you have said.”
Joseph, distressed at this life changing news,
Wondered what was the best way he could choose.
An angel told him in a dream that night,
“Joseph, don’t be afraid. Take Mary as your wife,
The child conceived is of the Holy Ghost.”
These things took place, as prophesied long ago.
When the world was taxed, by the kings decree,
To Bethlehem Joseph traveled with his wife Mary.
In the city, no vacant room was found,
They settled for a stable, with animals around.
Mary gave birth to Jesus that night.
Imagine that moment! What a beautiful sight!
Wrapped in swaddling clothes laying on the straw.
That night shepherds suddenly an angel saw.
“Don’t be afraid,” the angel told the men.
“I bring great news – Messiah is born in Bethlehem!”
The angel was joined by multitudes from heaven,
“Glory to God in the highest, peace on earth, good will toward men!”
The shepherds went to find the precious child.
After seeing Him, spread the news far & wide.
Wise men from the east, led by a bright star,
Arrived much later, due to traveling far.
Worshipping the child, each gave a great treasure,
Presenting gifts, gold, frankincense & myrrh.

His birth still exciting after two thousand years;
Spread the great news! Spread the great cheer!
How beautiful and perfect the innocent babe,
Who then grew up and His life He gave
So that I may live victorious and free,
Forever carried in the hands scarred for me.
Dear ones, let’s give our lives to Him!
He won’t shy away from our pile of sin;
That’s what He wants, its why He died!
Experience His grace & lift up your life!
He loves you dearly, you are one of His own,
Let’s gather, dear ones, around His throne
And worship Him with abandon and awe,
His Majesty, our King, the Saviour of all!

~Kaylene Yoder

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