Proverbs 23 “Squeaky Dryers and Stuff Like That”

In this ever changing world there is always something nicer, better, greater, or newer than what we have. So we work harder, faster and longer to obtain more money to get what we want. We become frustrated, irritable, rude, and more selfish. Vicious cycle.

Do not wear yourself out to get rich;
have the wisdom to show restraint.” Proverbs 23:4

What?!! Show restraint from work?!! Why, yes! I do believe that’s what it means!

It’s OK to stop working and just rest. It’s OK to not wear yourself ragged. It’s OK to not put in extra hours just to gain more stuff. It’s OK to not have the latest in fashion, technology, house design, vehicle model, fat bank account, etc.

It’s simply OK.

Your clothes still hold together at the seams. Your phone still works. Your house isn’t falling down. Your car still putters down the road getting you from point A to point B. You have money enough to pay your bills. Sure there are times we need to pinch our pennies extra hard, or things need to be fixed or updated. But, if we’re just wanting new stuff to out-do someone, we have an issue!

It’s called discontentment.

Here’s a recent lesson in being content: We had an age old dryer, which had a broken timer. But that was the least of my concern. You see, this dryer squeaked and squawked something fierce. It wasn’t a small squawk either. No, it could be heard outside 100 yards upwind, nails scratching on the chalkboard type of squawk. No amount of oiling made it run any quieter. New belt didn’t help either. It was annoying, but it still worked! It still dried our clothes. We used that protesting dryer for over a year.

We learned to be OK with it.

We were able to tolerate the squeaky dryer, and rest contentedly, knowing one day, we’d get a new one. We knew somehow God would provide. While this story is minuscule to other stories of learning to be content in circumstances, it was still more of a heart issue than a dryer issue.

Contentment or the lack thereof is a heart issue.

When our always wanting more, turns into always having more, we lose contentment in what God has already given. We lose any peace there is to be had in knowing we are well taken care of. We lose appreciation for the gifts God has already blessed us with.

Today, be thankful, content with what you have been given. Rest, knowing you don’t have to wear yourself out to be rich. Rest, realizing you’re already there! Stop the wanting for more. Let go of the need to gain.

Just rest. Either physically, in spirit, or both. Have the wisdom to show restraint and be content in Him.


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