We Adore Him Who Renews – A Poem

As falling snow descending to earth,
Silencing, freshening all the land,
So descends His mercy and grace,
Much more renewing this sinful man.
  What’s past, is gone, what’s done, forgotten.
  What’s old, is new, what’s dark, now light.
  Cold hearts turned flesh, the harsh now soft.
  Beauty for ashes, saved from our plight.
No mountain too high, no valley too low,
No darkness too dark for Him not to see.
No ocean too wide, no desert too dry,
No place too far for Him not to reach.
  Oh, fathom this God! That He so loved
  That He sent His Son to take our place!
  That we may come to Him unashamed,
  Renewed and spotless before His face!
If you, dear one, bear a heavied soul,
A weary, burdened, and sorrowful heart,
Look to Him! He soothes all wounds.
Give it to God, where healing starts.
  Let the light of His presence illuminate all,
  The warmth of His love soothe your pain.
  Jesus is right when all is wrong.
  Jesus is real when people are feign.
Jesus is truth when surrounded by lies.
Jesus is rest, we have much to gain!
He is great peace when facing storms.
He is all clarity when life uncertain.
  Jesus is strength when we are weak.
  He is rescue when all crashes down.
  He sees our tears, He counts every one.
  He delights over us with joyful sound,
And He quiets us with His mighty love, (Zeph. 3:17)
He is all things we need each day,
He knows it all; He’s always enough.
May you and I continue to claim,
  And live each day with this goal:
  “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” (Josh. 24:15)
  May we prove by devotion, prayer, and love
  That it truly is Him we adore.
~Kaylene Yoder~

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  1. Karen Brown says:

    This is so beautifully written and powerful! I love poetry and truly appreciate all of the thought and effort that I&#39;m sure went into writing this. My favorite part: <br />&quot;What&#39;s past, is gone, what&#39;s done, forgotten.<br /> What&#39;s old, is new, what&#39;s dark, now light.<br /> Cold hearts turned flesh, the harsh now soft.<br /> Beauty for ashes, saved from our plight.&

  2. Jenny Kurtz says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful! I am going to share this at church this Sunday if that&#39;s okay? Hope you all are well &amp; pray 2015 is a great year for you &amp; your family. Hugs 🙂

      • Jenny Kurtz says:

        Shared your poem with the church family & they loved it! I really like your new blog design & the photo of your family! Your kiddos are growing up so fast, as are mine! Blessings to all of you & your ministry.

  3. jenn says:

    Kaylene, that is truly beautiful. As I said on my fb page about it, I can almost hear a tune for it, and I can hear Keith and Kristen Getty singing it. It’s just powerful, beautiful and amazing. Praise our wonderful Savior!

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