Becoming the Wife God Designed

Often heard when speaking of a wife’s role, Proverbs 14:1 simply states,

“A wise woman builds her house,

but with her hands the foolish one tears hers down.”

Now, while a woman could literally build her house, that’s not what this verse is talking about.

The building of a house that a woman does is in the hearts of those who occupy its rooms, turning what would otherwise be a cold mound of sticks and tacks into a warm, welcoming home.

And sometimes that is hard.

Being a wife is hard sometimes! Loved how relatable and encouraging this article is.

Life throws us things we’d rather not endure and our marriages start sliding down hill. In no time at all homes become battlefields.

We feel misunderstood, emotionally alone, frustrated, tired of the ever widening rift between hearts once ablaze for each other.

We try to be the good wife, but its so exhausting. We tell ourselves we’ll try again, one more time. And we fail.

Part of the failing is because we are human. The other part is that maybe we are doing it in our own strength.

I’ve been there, hacking away at this wife thing in my own strength. And I cried more tears than I knew I had, laying face down in the carpet.

In one of those darker times I decided God would have to help me. “Afterall, You made me a woman. So, help Your creation.” I prayed. “Help me understand. Help me know what to do.”

As I pulled my face out of the carpet, I wish I could say I had some great revelation. But I didn’t.

All He did right then, was give me strength to lift my head away from the dust mites and stand up.

But, with a new resolve, I decided to re-read all the “good wife” Scriptures. As I read them again, I realized I didn’t know what some of them really meant.

And there was born a period of my life where I studied and picked apart many of the verses that apply to marriage and the wife’s role. With my Bible, a stack of books and Google, the Lord took me on a journey that helped shape me into a better wife. More importantly, He molded me a woman who learned to trust and thrive in His will and call on my life.

Over the past few years, I have had the joy (and sometimes, nausea!) of being vulnerable enough to share snippets of my “wife lessons” with other hurting women.

And I would like to share them with you, too, in hopes to spread a little hope and light on your walk as a wife.

I have compiled  a 7-Lesson study called “Becoming a Better Wife”. Each lesson includes 3-4 minutes of reading material, followed by

  • an “Action Plan”,
  • Printable “Going Deeper” study, which includes 45 pages of in-depth study,
  • Scripture writing prompts,
  • Journaling prompts,
  • Prayer prompts,
  • Fill in the blanks,
  • Prayers for your husband, and
  • an optional fasting challenge

Each session’s reading material and study should take only 15-20 minutes. 

To be very honest, this study will not save your marriage. This study will, however, encourage, equip and strengthen your walk as a wife. It is designed to help you learn how to thrive in your role and become the wife God designed you to be.

Better Wife Bible study includes 45 page in-depth study guide. PLUS 100 Free Prayer Cards!


What participants of the study are saying:

“After doing the first lesson, I had to stop myself from racing on to lesson two, because I wanted to take time to grasp and mull over all that lesson one held.” ~ Karen

“THIS…IS…FANTASTIC. All of it. Just wow! I have purchased other courses and studies and was very disappointed in the quality. But this! This is the best online Bible study I have purchased. Thank you for the light you are shining for so many wives.” ~ Mrs. B

“Thank you so much for taking the time to provide this study. I wish I had something like this when I first got married. So much of our marriage would have made sense. Possibly a lot of pain avoided, even. I am sharing with all the ladies in my small group.” ~ Dorothy

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