Five Minute Friday: Release

Over at the fabulous Lisa hosts a weekly blog party called Five Minute Friday.

The rules are simple:

  1. She decides on a one-word writing prompt. This week it is “RELEASE”.
  2. Bloggers everywhere set their timers for five minutes.
  3. Our pens fly….can you hear the frantic scritchety-scratch? 
  4. We publish our five-minute masterpiece & share with the world.


What do I need to release? Let go?

The need to be doing. The need to be going. The drive to achieve greater, be the better, do more…

Do more. THATS  IT!

I need to let go of the need to do more.

How ironic that we are always searching for ways to simplify life but in the end I really just add to the confusion. I read endless articles about organizing the house to save time, freezer meals to save time, finding schedules that promise to save time and money, but for some reason I get overwhelmed.

I get lost in all the “saving time”.

What ever happened to not needing to do so much? What ever happened to a simpler way of life? A more casual pace?

What ever happened to sitting at a window with a cup of coffee just watching the garden grow for 20 minutes? Just me. Just my thoughts. Just my coffee. Just my God. Just quiet. Just sitting. Just resting. At home.

Maybe I should just release the need to do so much. It’s wearing me out. Its wearing me thin. Its too much.

Its simply too much.

I miss the days when it was ok to say no and stay home.

I’m going back to them.

Today I say no to a packed schedule. I’m the one who put it there. I’m the one who can make it go away. Today I say no.

Today, I stay home. I stay home from the “having to go”.

I say no. I stay home. I will sit. I will rest. I will wait. I will be quiet. I will listen to my coffee steaming, my flowers (and weeds) growing.

I will release my need to always go, always do.

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  1. Sandra Heska King says:

    I've collected a lot of organizing books over the years. And bins to organize in. Much wiser to let it go. It takes too much time to organize stuff and schedules. Thanks for entering the Saturday stillness, Kaylene. 🙂

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