God Doesn’t Need Me


“If you sin how
does that affect Him?
If your sins are many,
what does that do to Him?
If you are righteous
what do you give Him, or
what does He receive from your hand?
Your wickedness
affects only a man like yourself,
and your righteousness
only the sons of men.”
~Job 35:6-8
We were created by Yahweh, God. Our spirit needs Him like our flesh needs food, water and shelter. But, while we so desperately need Him, He does not need us.
He does not need us to obey Him to still be God.
He does not need us to disobey Him to still be God.
We can not increase His value by becoming saved.
We can not decrease His power by cursing His name.
HE IS GOD. All by Himself. That’s just what He is. We affect Him not…
YET…He thinks about us.
“What is mankind that You are mindful of them;human beings that You care for them?” ~Ps. 8:4
Who are we, in our sin, in our corruptness, that the God who doesn’t need us, WANTS  to know us? The God who doesn’t need our words, WANTS to hear from us? The God who can’t be improved upon still desires a relationship with us?
Why? Why does He care to know us? Much more the question, why did He create us in the first place?
“Thou hast created all things, and for Thy pleasure they were created.” ~Rev. 4:11 KJV
…For His pleasure… He found joy in creating humankind. It was in His best interest to create each one of us.
Today He stands back, looks at you and me, these beings created in His image, which He made all for Himself, and the sight pleases Him. Our picture brings Him joy.


It delights my heart to know the God of all gods wants to spend time with me!
He wants to talk with each one of us. He wants to hear of our joys and our sorrows. He wants to love us when we are unlovable. He accepts us when no one else can.
He doesn’t need to….HE WANTS TO.
Today accept it! Let Him lavish His great love on you. Not because you deserve it, but because He gives it.
Let Him perfect His great love in you. It pleases Him to do so.
Let Him heal what is wounded…
mend what is torn…
soothe the sorrow…
nurture what is weak…
fill what is empty…
lift what is heavy…
carry the burden…
He is willing. He is able. It’s what you need. Let Him do it.

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  1. Chris Malkemes says:

    Kaylene. Yes and Amen! God is real. He doesn't become unreal because we walk away from faith. Faith is still there – He is still there. Let us grab it and run the race set before us. We are all under the shadow of the Sovereign.

  2. Sophia Reed says:

    God does not need us He wants our fellowship. We are the ones who need Him. Great post. I actually read a book not to long ago that stated God needs us and I felt the total opposite. It is glad to see I am not alone on my views.

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