Proverbs 10 “Yes, Lord”

“As vinegar to the teeth and smoke to eyes,
  so is a sluggard to those who send him.” Proverbs 10:26

As a mother, I firmly believe slow obedience is no obedience. Nothing aggravates me more than having to call for a child more than once or repeat a request knowing I was heard the first time! I’m sure you can relate! 🙂

Back to the verse above. Smoke burns and irritates the eyes. Vinegar tastes horrible. In the same way a sluggard irritates and leaves us with a bad taste when thinking of or seeing him.

When God calls us to action and we become scared, unsure or feel inadequate, we tend to ignore Him. We tend to push Him away. Some, including me, flat out say “No, I wont. I can’t. Find someone else.” While He has great patience and mercy, I wonder if we make ourselves like smoke to His eyes and He’s left standing there, violently blinking trying to make the burning go away, thinking “that has to stop”. Maybe we make ourselves like vinegar and He’s left standing there spitting and choking and gasping, trying to get our taste out of His mouth. Are we a sluggard to God? Are we being slow to obey Him?

Whether God is calling you to a ministry, a more disciplined life, better steward of the money He gives you, to make one more effort to save your crumbling marriage, to find reconciliation in a painful relationship, the list goes on…..DO IT NOW!

Just say “Yes, Lord.”

Your situation, your feelings, your hurt won’t be fixed in the snap of a finger. Neither does He promise that. His promise to you is that in obeying, you will heal, learn, grow. Sometimes obedience is simply waiting while being willing to to obey. Just saying ‘Yes, Lord. Have Your way, Lord.” is obedience.

Trust Him “with the measure of faith God has given you” Romans 12:3 Even small faith moves to action. Saying ‘yes’ and being willing to do His will, willing to be used for His great plan, is action. He wants to know you want to obey. Don’t fear the thing He’s asking you to do. You can be assured that He won’t let you come to nothing! He won’t let you become destroyed! He will gift you with more and greater faith with each next step in His great plan for your life! (Eph2:8)

So trust Him! Do not be a sluggard!

Slow obedience is no obedience.

Take the first step of faith and say “Yes, Lord.”

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  1. Janet Reeves says:

    Hi Kaylene! I saw your invitation on the Facebook Christian Author Group page and decided to stop by. You are so right: slow obedience is no obedience. Thank you for the reminder and encouragement. I'll look forward to reading more of your insights. Nice to meet you–Janet Reeves

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