Proverbs 11 “Duplicating Myself”

“The integrity of the upright guides them, but
  the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity.” Proverbs 11:3

 Look at the word duplicity. Duplicity in one word means doubleness.

The first thing we think of when we think of doubleness is a double minded, split tongued, double life leading person. That’s exactly the kind of life the unfaithful lead and their duplicity destroys them.

But the word ‘duplicity’ and others like it kept coming to mind.






More than one.

MORE THAN ONE. That’s it! That’s what He wanted me to understand!

We enjoy being surrounded by like minded people. We appreciate knowing and spending time with people who think like us. Talk like us. Act like us. Share the same interests. These people make us feel good. They make us feel accepted, comfortable, relateable, understood. They encourage us. They compliment us.

We duplicate ourselves with our friends. Our friends duplicate themselves with us. The more duplicated friends we have, whether godly or secular, the more such friends we attract, and the more we become like them.

When life gets tough and we have only ungodly friends, we are attracted and encouraged to try the quick fixes of the world.

This marriage is getting tougher every day. Quick fix- divorce.

This pregnancy is unplanned. Quick fix- abortion.

God might ask me to give up what I enjoy. Quick fix- ignore Him.

When we have surrounded ourselves with faithful Godly friends we are attracted and encouraged to fight the good fight.

 This marriage is getting tougher ever day. Good fight- forgive and reconcile.

This pregnancy is unplanned. Good fight- choose life.

God asks me to do something. Good fight- say ‘Have Your way.’

There is no such thing as a quick fix to our problems. But. either way life becomes easier when we have a friend who can help us along the way. Duplicate your Godly friends. Join arms with them and march bravely on.

Be encouraged, faithful friend. The moment you pass into eternity you’ll get your quick fix! And, that one, friend, is everlasting!

May you and your duplicated friends spend all eternity in perfect duplicity with Christ!

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