Trusting God when He says Wait {Grace & Truth #22}

Recently, I was offered a significant opportunity to expand the reach of my speaking and writing. It was an exciting moment. My heart pounded, my mind was going a million different directions, but I couldn’t think on any one of them in depth.

This opportunity could be my “big break”. I would be able to reach many for Christ, and those “many” would be the people of my heritage. The people who needed to hear of the freedom they could find in Christ.

And God gave a clear “not now”.

I was stunned.

I was a bit angry. And I was a whole lot of confused.

I started doubting everything I thought I had heard from the Lord concerning my ministry of writing and reaching women.

Lord, I thought this is what You called me to.

“It is.”

But You promised to use me for Your glory.

“I did. And I am.”

Well wouldn’t this opportunity be a great way to reach people?

“It would. But, its not for you. Not not right now.”

As I gave prayed and pondered over this fro a few more days, I knew He was right. I knew that in asking me to wait, He was protecting me from the harm and heartbreak that could come from the same opportunity.

I know in asking me to wait, he is offering me insight and wisdom if I am willing to learn to accept His perfect plan.

It often looks impossible to us to navigate the waters of the future. But, we also know with God all things are possible. Maybe we should start considering God’s “possible” instead of dwelling on our “impossible”. As Kathryn Shirey wrote it, “We don’t reach God’s “possible” when we try to get there on our own.”

I encourage you to go read Kathryn’s post where she explains so gently that realigning our hopes and dreams with God, will make His “possible” become our “possible”.

Trusting God

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Kaylene Yoder
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  1. Kathryn Shirey says:

    Thanks for the feature, Kaylene! Glad this post encouraged you! Those ‘not yets’ are so hard, but I’m learning also there is purpose in them to prepare us when God does give the green light.

  2. Leah Adams says:

    Kaylene, I’ve walked in ministry for almost 8 years now. I know the highs and lows of it, and I know how low the lows can be when God closes a door or doors. For a few years, my self-esteem and yes, even my moods, were based on how many speaking engagements I had on the calendar. In those years I would speak a dozen or more times a yea. In the past three years or so, the opportunities for speaking publicly have dwindled….and I’m okay with that. God seems to be taking me into a much smaller, more personal ministry…one-on-one mentoring type ministry. It is not where my strength lies, or even my passion, but I’m good with it because it is where God wants me. I don’t ever want to try to kick open a door that God has closed. (It took me many years to learn that, by the way!) Bless you, friend. God is using you mightily.

  3. Betsy de Cruz says:

    Kaylene, good for you that you were able to discern God’s voice and say “NO.” What a testimony. I’m sure God has your best yes coming up in the future, sister. (A similar thing happened to me too recently. And I had to say no, but it was kinda hard…) 🙂

    I loved Kathryn’s post too!

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