How I’m Learning to Appreciate His Leadership

Many husbands feel intimidated in their role of spiritual leadership. They find it hard to measure up to the idealistic ways spiritual leadership is described:

  • read his bible for an hour a day,
  • pray for half an hour a day,
  • lead his family in daily one hour devotions and worship,
  • pray with his spouse for 15 minutes a day,
  • have regular family discussions on theology,
  • the list goes on…

I have watched my husband attempt to lead his family in these ways. And I’ve watched him fall flat numerous times. As a result he became discouraged, defensive and frustrated.

How I'm learning to appreciate my husband's leadership even when he doesn't lead the way I think he should.

At first, I was disappointed. I never voiced it, but I’m sure he felt it. As time wore on I wished he would, you know, “step it up”. Just get out that Bible and start reading out loud, were my thoughts.

Also, I’d like to have a headship more spiritual and knowledgeable in God’s word than I am.

With that thought, I started wondering “how can I biblically submit if my husband isn’t doing what he’s supposed to be doing?”

That’s when my spiritual brake lights came on and I recognized the ugly roots of bitterness and contention that had started taking place.

Here are a few things I learned in regards to the fact that spiritual leadership isn’t always cut and dried, and that I still need to honor his position as leader.

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Learning to Appreciate His Leadership



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