What is Advent? And should my family celebrate Advent?

Advent: noun; the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event

Advent in Christianity: the first season of the Christian church year, leading up to Christmas and including the four preceding Sundays.

Before we left the Amish culture, I had never heard of Advent. So, I googled it because, you know… Amish girls want to be informed! (wink!)

I was intrigued by the many plans, activities and acts of kindness people do during this thing called Advent.

However, at first glance I decided Advent activities were just another list of things to add to my endless list of things to do during the busy Christmas season.

Besides, I had already baked all our neighbors fresh bread and delivered it warm with a jar of home canned jam.

You’re welcome.

So, I dismissed the Advent idea.

Then I heard my new church friends making a big deal about Advent and our pastor announced an upcoming series on Advent.

OH! It’s a Christian thing?!

Once again, I consulted my friend, Google.

After many hours of searching and digging, I found that Advent is simply a time of preparation for an upcoming event.

An event such as the Birth of Baby Jesus, aka., Christmas! (lightbulb!)

That’s when I fell in love with the idea of Advent, however, I wanted more than a list of nice things to do for others or crafts to make.

Two things Advent Should Be (IMO)

1. I wanted our Advent celebration to be easy and mess free. I’m not a fan of glitter and fancy crafts after a long day. I like sweatpants, cuddles with my children and early bedtimes.

2. And I really, really wanted an Advent with spiritual depth.

I wanted my family’s celebration of Jesus’ Birth to actually…well…involve JESUS!

Recalling a few common Christmas Scriptures, I realized how many different names our beautiful Savior has:

  • Prince of Peace
  • The Way
  • Bread of Life
  • Messiah
  • Son of God
  • Redeemer
  • Prophet
  • Arm of the Lord
  • Cornerstone

As I spent days thinking over these and more, slowly a memorable and spiritually deep Advent celebration began forming.

What ensued became our best-selling Names of Jesus Advent ToolKit.

Using this Advent schedule, I can provide my family depth of teaching as well as create a new awe of the Lord Jesus every year.

A nice bonus is, it involves every member of the family & there is no glitter, crafting, or extensive activity. All of which translates into a “Mom Win”!

The Names of Jesus Advent ToolKit offers:

  • 28-day Advent Scripture Readings tie the Old Testament prophecies and the New Testament events of Jesus birth together in a comprehensive way, while focusing on one Name of Jesus each day.
  • A 28-day Scripture Writing Journal/Workbook for adults (teens to adult)
  • A 28-day Scripture Writing Journal/Workbook for kids (7-12)
  • 28 Names of Jesus Tags which can be hung on your Christmas tree as Ornaments (our 2-6yr old’s love this daily assignment)
  • Plus 12 Free printables that will help you set the theme for a Christ Centered Home this Christmas.

If you are looking for an Advent celebration that has little hassle but offers spiritual growth for every family member… well this one might be the perfect Advent ToolKit for you!

Join us?

Let’s make a big fuss over our Savior’s name!


You can also grab your own Names of Jesus Advent Scripture Reading Plan right here!