Why we should Consider Closing the Devotional

As Christian women trying to find our way in this crazy world, we long for slower moments.

We crave simple communion with the Heavenly Father.  We want more of the gentleness that makes our hearts aware of the nearness of our great and Almighty God.

More togetherness, more wholeness, oneness with Him. More of what makes sense in this senseless land. More love and peace. More of the hope that sticks to our soul as we hang on for dear life to the side of this spinning orb.

Quietness… the stillness that settles thick over our lives blanketing us in rest that reaches to our innermost being.

Where do we find this? How can we gain this precious communion with our Heavenly Father? This peace filled existence in Him, resting in His assurance, drinking deep from the wells of His love and grace?

In a recent survey of this community we found that a whopping 70% of us struggle with being in God’s Word every day. (Don’t feel bad… I know how it is.)

Most of us would chalk it up to having too little time.

However along with the shortage of time we think we have, I suspect we also believe we aren’t capable of reading the Bible “properly”. Like somehow when we open the Word of God, we fear we won’t understand it. Or that it might fall apart in shock at our sheer Bible illiteracy.

Because that is what we are when we don’t read the Bible – Bible illiterate. 

But, friend, do you know what else I think might be to blame for our smallness in Scriptural knowledge?

The devotionals we pick up instead of the Bible.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good devotional. I even wrote one for wives. But far too often the devotionals we read take a few feel good verses and apply them to a small story or insight that someone had while reading it. Or, more often than not, the inspirational story is written and then a few verses are tacked onto it make it qualify as a devotional.

….. (that was a mouth full) …. But it’s true.

This is what I believe… if the devotionals we read aren’t sending us into the Word of God where we might connect with the heart of God, we need to close the devotional.

If the Bible studies we participate in aren’t sending us on a personal search and explore type of journey into God’s truth, we need to find a new Bible study.

Or maybe we just need to quit them all together – the devotionals and the fancy Bible studies with fill in the blanks and video sessions. Maybe…???

And instead, pick up the actual Bible and let it speak for itself.

Because that is where we will find the intimacy with Christ, the rest for our souls, the ointment of peace, our Strength and our song, our Savior and King – the One we call Abba, Father, the Good Shepherd who feeds every crevice of our aching hearts.

Placing our noses in the pages of His Word is where we will find real healing.

Averting our eyes onto His Truth is where we will find the light for our path.

Tuning our ears to His voice that has been reverberating since the beginning of time is where we will receive true direction.

Let me ask you friend… why do we assume we have a shortage of time for promises like His?

Or why would we prefer a devotional over His word? A bland version of the real thing.

Or a boxed up thought rather than a faith on fire? A self protectant cage rather than a wild and free existence in Christ?

Friend, I don’t know where you stand on this thought, but a recent emptiness in my soul drove me to do some real searching. And through that time, the Lord taught me of the rest only He can give. And it proves to be a beautiful rest, the craving of my soul.

During that time, I also learned how to REST, a Bible study method that truly is all about the Bible. And I would love to share it with you.

This REST Bible Study Method is short on human words and instead sends you directly to the Word of God where you will find the healing and the rest you need. You will be inspired to engage with and savor His Word for yourself like never before.

We have released a few 30-day Scripture studies using the REST Bible Study method. The first one is on the topic of “trust”. We have searched the Bible for thirty passages that will speak to you on the trustworthiness of our Heavenly Father. You can find more information on the Trust Scripture Study here.

Why not leverage our time in our favor by placing it back in the hands of our Creator?

Why not place our breath, our thoughts, our words, our moments in the very hands of the One who can multiply and expand the reach of our efforts?

Could we close the devotional for just 30 days and pick up the living, active Word of God which is capable of feeding us like nothing else?

Join me. My purse is reserving the seat beside mine waiting for you to slide into whenever you’re ready to try this thing call rest for your soul.


  1. Lizzy says:

    Yes, I rather think you’re right. I can’t seem to stick to devotionals period, so I’d rather read the Bible in my limited time, and sometimes if I need time to study properly my husband takes the toddler to church and leaves me for a morning of deep study. Happens very rarely but if God is speaking something I really need to dig into that’s how it happens

  2. Abby says:

    That was beautiful Kaylene. My husband and I have been married for 27 years. Every morning I have watched him devote time in the Word. Not devotionals, not study bibles, just the Word of God, using the Bible to interpret the Bible, cross referencing. I aspire to be more like him. Thanks for your encouragement and ministry. I remember a well known Christian women’s author say – it didn’t matter how many of her books we read, what mattered was reading THE book.

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