7 Fear Settling Qualities of God

Courage is like a pair of pantyhose. I opt out of both quite a bit, because, well, you know… there’s usually a more comfortable option.

Like sweats.

I’ll rearrange my whole wardrobe around not having to wear pantyhose. Hats off to Fabletics, Lularoe and leggings. Ya’ll have rescued me from Nylon 6 wars many times. I appreciate you.

And then there’s courage… the thing I tend to slink away from in hopes I won’t have to pick it up and try it on for size, because, well, you know… courage is uncomfortable.

It wears well and all. I even commend others for their bravery and stouthearted-ness, but when it comes right down to it, there are times I’d much rather stay within my familiarity than have to be stretched a bit.

Leaving the Amish culture took bravery; leaving any culture does. Facing marriage fires takes courage. Parenting. Give me an IV drip of strength, please.

Losing loved ones way too early, the health issues, the job losses, the wandering souls, the grief and evil we see in lands the world over… it takes no time at all for our hearts to be weary and drained of any courage we may have mustered up.

It’s like we have a pair of pantyhose called fear stuck in our back pocket. One look at a brier patch in life and we get all sorts of snagged up on anxiety, frustrations, emotions, regrets, and all the β€œwhat if’s”.

I wonder if we suffer Spiritual Alzheimer’s. You know? The kind where we forget how big our God is and how He’s capable of zapping that brier patch to a crisp. Then, even when He doesn’t make the paths level for us, He has a large amount of spiritual heavy metal (His armor) to walk us right through it unscathed.

We seem to get crippled by fear before we even get to the battle grounds. We see the enemies army of threats and we become afraid.

7 Fear Settling Qualities of God

When I am struggling with uncertainties and anxieties I like to name a few qualities of our Heavenly Father. Isaiah 25:1-9 lists seven truths about Him that I help me work through many rough times:

  • He is a refuge for those in distress
  • our shelter from the storm
  • a shade from the heat of life
  • He silences the uproar
  • serves us a banquet of His richness
  • He will wipe away the tears from all faces
  • and remove all disgrace

God is not the silent observer of our battles; He is in our battles.

The Lord knows the brier patches looming ahead and He is not daunted by them. He does what every good Father does, and sticks close by to help us through them.

He knows the torment fear, doubt, overwhelm and panic that can play on our hearts and minds. Yet, He remains reachable so we may have His support through it all. We do not need to struggle in despair, depression, grief, or any form of anxiety and defeat.

He goes with us, walks right beside us, even carries us and our baggage when the way gets too hard.

Our courage may waver but our courage Supplier never will.

He goes before us and is always with us, He never leaves us nor forsakes us (Deuteronomy 31:8). He is our rock and our fortress. Our deliverer and our refuge, our shield, our salvation, and our stronghold (Psalm 18:2).

He promises this. ^^

So, like an Israelite watching a massive Egyptian army coming toward you through the Red Sea, just remember, those walls are made of water and with the mere wave of a stick the Lord can make your troubled waters run smooth once more.

Today may you don a fresh pair of courage-hose and bravely go snag yourself a few silent, but grand, victories. I pray joy, peace, and gentleness for you today.

As for me, I need to get rid of a few sweats. πŸ˜‰

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  1. Ruthie Gray says:

    Kaylene, this is excellent! You had me chuckling with the whole Nylons bit, but more than that, you delivered with your topic of God’s fear settling qualities. Love the analogy of the water being a water and the Lord waving His stick at our troubles! Sharing everywhere. Also with a close friend who deals with anxiety. πŸ™‚

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